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TRANSFORMATION: Support for Organizations, their Leaders, Teams and Individual Professionals in succeeding with Organizational and Professional change.

DEVELOPMENT: Helping Leaders grow and develop their Leadership to the next level and Individual Professionals unleash their potential.

“I provide coaching services to Organizations and Individual Clients. 

My Purpose and the Mission of Coaching Trail is contributing to a Better World through Transforming Organizations by unleashing People’s potential and developing Better Leaders “

Leadership and Executive Coach, PCC-ICF
Global Board Director of International Coaching Federation 

Coaching is my personal contribution to a Better World through Transforming Organizations by unleashing People’s potential and developing Better Leaders.

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Coaching Trail - quote icons white

Jurgita Micallef

Leadership and Executive Coach, PCC – ICF 


A seasoned Leadership and Executive Coach, with two decades of HR experience in international public and private organizations around the World, from start-ups to mature complex publicly listed companies and established governmental bodies. This includes serving in Senior Leadership roles, in Executive Committees and Boards.

A Lithuanian national, having lived in 8 different countries over the past 20 years, I now identify as a Global Citizen; since 2017, I am based in Spain.

Regardless of your organization’s size, maturity, geography and culture, and  whether you are a seasoned Leader or a Professional at the start of your career, I will be able to quickly understand and adjust to your context and help you find the best way forward for any challenge!


I’m a Professional Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the Gold Standard in coaching. Driven to further advance coaching professional and ethical standards globally, I also serve as a Global Board Director of the International Coaching Federation PC.


Coaching is my way to make a positive contribution to a Better World. I’m passionate about women’s empowerment and about helping people harness their potential, be the best versions of themselves and grow into Great Leaders for a Better World.

When you work with me, you will contribute to both of these causes:

  • Equivalent of 10 % of my working time is volunteered to support leaders and organizations focusing on women empowerment, especially in developing countries.
  • When working with corporates, a free session for HiPo Talent offered within your Organization for every 10 Leadership and Executive sessions booked by your Organization.
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Overcome barriers holding you back and succeed in change.

Harness your potential and step into your inner power. 


Develop your Leadership capabilities to the next level. 


 Reach out to me and embark Your Organization and Leaders or Yourself on a Journey of Coaching and Discovery.