my coaching approach


I believe that to support clients’ Coaching Journeys of Transformation optimally, it is imperative for a coach to be able to coach holistically.

What makes my coaching holistic and unique is the ability to effectively combine the best of both time-proven and groundbreaking coaching techniques, models as well as assessments (e.g. Leadership Circle, DiSC). This enables me to customise my coaching approach to what serves my clients within their specific context best and to what will help them deal with a concrete challenge or situation most effectively. 

Our coaching conversations will be neuroscience and psychology informed, amplifying a lasting coaching effect where after the Coaching Journey ends, clients take away deeper understanding and wider knowledge and are able to independently continue applying that knowledge to other situations and areas of their professional and personal life.

I hold a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential issued by International Coaching Federation (ICF), which ensures ‘the gold standard’ or, in the other words, the highest professional and ethical standard in coaching.

For Organizations to thrive, they need to empower their People to thrive; for People to thrive, they need better Leaders and Organizations that are supportive of thriving. As a Leadership and Executive Coach, I help transform Organizations for the better by developing better Leaders. 

Coaching Trail - quote icons white
Coaching Trail - quote icons white

Jurgita Micallef

Leadership and Executive Coach, PCC – ICF

ICF Member

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Qualified Immunity To Change Map Facilitator

Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Certified Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitator


  • Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, The Academy of Executive Coaching
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy, BRIEF – The Centre for Solution Focused Practice
  • Psychology for Coaches, Julian Humphreys PHD, PCC
  • ACT Made Simple, Contextual Consulting & Russ Harris
  • Understanding Resilience in Coaching Workshop, The Academy of Executive Coaching
  • ACT as a Brief Intervention, Russ Harris
  • The Neuroscience of Goals, International Coaching Community
  • The Neuroscience of Beliefs, International Coaching Community
  • The Neuroscience of Emotions and Values, International Coaching Community
  • Certification in Neuroscience Coaching, International Coaching Community
  • Transactional Analysis TA101, Coaching Development
  • Transactional Analysis TA 202, Coaching Development & TA Matters
  • The HENKA Diploma – Organisational Coaching and Transformation, Henka Institute
  • Transactional Analysis Foundation Year 2023Coaching Development
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