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Article: Are You Stuck with the Most Important Changes? Succeed with Immunity to Change Mapping.

Many of our core beliefs form when we are children and they affect us as adults in many ways. Commonly, we suffer from limiting beliefs, which are responsible for us allowing sub-optimal behaviours and habits to creep into our brains and lives that eventually start negatively impacting us. It is the same limiting beliefs that hold us back from succeeding in change when we attempt to get rid of these sub-optimal behaviours and habits. To overcome these limiting beliefs and the associated Big Assumptions, we are here to show you how to implement the Immunity to Change framework developed by Harvard Faculty Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. By participating in the process, you can overcome your unhelpful confirmation bias and examine your underlying self-doubts and concerns truthfully. Discover why your perseverance to change fails despite your motivation when attempting self-improvement or significant projects, then smash right through those barriers and close the gap between your good intentions for change and your actual behaviours!

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