Short Videos: Self-Coaching Questions – Training Your Inner Muscle of Self-Reflection

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I’m pleased to let you know that I’m starting a series of short videos with self-coaching questions on topics that keep coming up with different clients and in many coaching sessions. I thought that those topics could also be interesting to you, and I would like to share and help those who don’t have access to coaching or simply prefer to work things out by themselves!

The idea is to help you train your inner muscle of self-reflection so that you would be able to look inwardly and find your own solutions and answers that are right for you.

The topics on which I will record the videos will be such as, for instance, setting boundaries and saying ‘no’, overcoming your resistance to change, making decisions based on your values and what matters to you, or identifying your inner triggers in communication dynamics so that you could become a better communicator, and the list goes on.

I hope these short videos with self-coaching questions will be interesting and useful to you – stay tuned and subscribe to Coaching Trail YouTube Channel or find new videos posted below!

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Self-Coaching Intro: Training Your Inner Muscle of Self-Reflection

Coaching Trail - Intro TN

Self-Coaching Questions for Setting Boundaries and Saying ‘No’

Coaching Trail - Setting Boundaries TN

Self-Coaching Questions for Overcoming Resistance to Change

Coaching Trail - Screenshot 2022 09 03 at 18.35.45

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